We’ll craft your story.

Creative writing and a clear, compelling message are vital for any company’s success. We specialize in learning the objectives of your business and developing an effective communications strategy to achieve your goals.

We’re storytellers, enlightening your clients, customers and employees with knowledge of what makes your business special. We listen to you. Then we craft and refine your message and deliver it to your target audience through a variety of effective channels to maximize its impact. We know you’ve got a great story to tell, and we’ll make it happen.

We’ll help you find your niche and define your customers or clients so we can craft a message that resonates with them.

This is how we tell your story …

Content Marketing

We create and distribute relevant and engaging content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. We carefully craft your message and effectively target people who want to hear it. We don’t spam, and we don’t pitch steaks to vegetarians. Instead, we take a strategic approach. We work with you to define your customers and deliver the best content across the most effective channels.

Regardless of your communication, its content is its most important attribute. You can’t build an engaged Facebook community without compelling updates or deliver a successful email blast to an apathetic list with no connection to your brand. Your article will quickly lose readers if it isn’t interesting, and your ad will quickly lose effectiveness if it isn’t relevant.

Content is always king. It is the core component of storytelling, and it is the centerpiece to any marketing strategy that we develop.

Branding & Design

From the name of your company, your website and marketing materials to the way employees answer the phone, your brand is how customers interact with your business. It encompasses all aspects of marketing and advertising, as well as customer service, and it drives your company’s reputation. And ultimately, your brand can become one of your company’s most valuable assets.

After defining your brand, you need a logo that appropriately communicates your company’s mission. In general, the simpler, the better. And it should be applied consistently across all platforms to reduce confusion and reinforce your company’s identity. An easy-to-identify logo brands your business. It should not be complicated. Instead, it should be adaptable for use in printed and digital materials or, for example, as stitching on company shirts.

Public Relations

Through public relations, we help build and protect your company’s reputation while managing the community’s perception of your business. A big component of our strategy is media relations, and we pride ourselves in maintaining outstanding relationships with all avenues of the media. From working with television stations, newspaper outlets, magazines, and radio outlets, we can get your message out to the public. Through our strong relationship with the media, we are often able to provide clients with exposure outside of paid advertisement.

We also develop communications on our clients’ behalf for important stakeholders, such as employees or investors, to deliver a clear, unified message, and dispel rumors and speculation. Information gets distorted as it is filtered through various groups of people with varying agendas and perceptions. We’ll work to correct misinformation, position your message in a positive manner and protect your company’s reputation.

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